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Software, Research and Product Development for Advanced Sound-based Heart Diagnostics, Phonocardiography, Imagery and Digital Heart Auscultation, Auscultacion Cardiaca,  Auscultation Cardiaque
Display, Record, Play, Grade and Analyze
Heart Sounds and Cardiac Murmurs
Real Clinical MP3 Heart Sounds for iPod and Auscultation Training

                S1                     S2     S3                     S1                     S2        S3              
Energy Signature of Heart Sound Components: Energy Signature provides
quantifiable time varying measures of heart sound energy and frequency

                S1                      S2     S3                     S1                     S2        S3
Matching Phonocardiogram
Signal is recorded using Welch Allyn Master Elite Plus (Meditron) Electronic Stethoscope

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Download recent
software flyers:  eflyer1.pdf 
(0.77Mb)  and eflyer2examples.pdf  (1.04Mb)

New: Clinical Heart Sounds for Auscultation
(28 heart sounds and murmurs+ cardiologist's narration - $30 USD (online purchase
or via check)  in MP3 and iPOD format or in WAV binary format to cut CD-ROM

Our Mission:

We strive to become the leading provider of non-invasive heart sound-based
software diagnosis tools for the cardiac heart auscultation (auscultacion
cardiaca, abhorchen des herzens mit dem stethoskop, auskultation des
le jeu cardiaque d'auscultation)
and early detection of heart diseases.
We develop software and methodology, conduct research to better understand
and characterize heart sounds, systolic murmurs, diastolic murmurs, S3 and S4
sounds, clicks, S1 and S2 splits (A2 and P2 components).

Breaking News:

Phonocardiograph Monitor Version 3.7  is released -  November 1st, 2009

We released new patent-pending "Traffic Light" Murmur Characterization
System that enables simple murmur quantification and characterization

             Innocent Still's  Murmur                                        Pulmonary Stenosis 45 mm Hg           

Purchase Clinical Heart Sounds for Auscultation Training

Biosigetics Papers published by BMC Biomedical Engineering Online
Parent and Coaches Guide to Self-Diagnosing Hypertrophic Obstructive
(hypertrophe obstruktive kardiomyopathie)

Cardiac Auscultation 101 - new learning aid for pediatricians and general practitioners
now also includes free heart sounds

Bsignal Heart Energy Signature Visualization System V3.6 is released - March 20th, 2007

Cardiac Murmur Diagnosis - When to Refer with Murmur:
Information for Physicians  and Information for Parents

About Cardiac Murmurs (M. Criley, MD)

Online Purchase options:
-with the credit card using secure Paypal system
or using check directly
from Biosignetics: please use "Products" button on the left and select an
appropriate product from the menu


Cardiac Auscultation 101 - new learning aid for pediatricians and general practitioners
now also includes free heart sounds

iPod Nano to Record Heart Sounds: Latest in Gadgets combined with ThinkLabsMedical

Biosignetics registered new web domains:  www.heartauscultation.net 
and www.biosignetics.com

Hospitals want faster heart attack care (from AHA Conference, AP).
There's a very, very large opportunity here to improve patient care," said Dr. John Brush, a Norfolk, Va.,
heart specialist who helped the American College of Cardiology design the new project, which is to be
launched Monday at an American Heart Association conference in Chicago.

Read about Biosignetics solutions for heart attack (AMI) detection via S3

Company Focus

Display, Record, Play, Grade and Analyze Heart Sounds and Murmurs

The Biosignetics Corporation, founded in January 2004, is a small business start-up
located in Exeter, New Hampshire, 45 minutes north of Boston. It was founded with
the singular focus and mission of developing an inexpensive and widely available
early detection heart diagnosis system. We are focused on the cardiovascular
market segment, specializing in cardiac rhythm analysis, monitoring, and diagnostics.
Our short-term product strategy is to focus solely on the developing software applications
that will utilize
electronic stethoscope for sound data collection.  Biosignetics Corporation
had developed patent-pending (USPTO 60/546,742) heart energy signature
(PCG) software.

Right now Company offers two software products that are focused on the
educational and non-clinical research markets and work with
heart sound databases
while at the same time working on GMP and Quality Assurance systems and on the
regulatory clearances with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Contact Information

Postal address
29 Downing Ct, Exeter, NH 03833
Electronic mail
General Information:

Customer Support:
603 772-8706
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