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Atrial Septal Defect (ASD mild) Case Study: 1

                         S1     S.Mur          S2  split                            S1  murmur    S2 split         

Two heart beats. Medium strength systolic murmur and fixed S2 split.

Single Heart Beat.    S1         murmur     A2    P2                diastole

Frequency spectrum of systolic murmur. Note lower frequency component
70 Hz and up to 135 Hz. Clearly not the Still's (vibratory) murmur, bandwidth is
too wide.

Detailed murmur characteristics. Intensity is at the high boundary for the second grade.
above 45% it will be grade 3. Intensity is 44.1%. So that points to abnormality.
Fixed split points to abnormality as well. Bandwidth is wide =2*25.57 that points
to abnormality also.

                                      S1  murm  S2 spl      diastole
Heart Energy Signature. Single Heartbeat.

                                                         S1   murm     S2 
S2 split is evident from the energy signature image (2 closely spaced
horns). Also it is visible clearly from teh power vs time plot.

                                                           S1   murm     S2 
Instantaneous murmur frequency captures (left corner) and signal power

is captured at murmur frequency of 150 Hz. S2 split is clearly visible on the
 power plot.


          S1     S2         S1   S2         S1    S2       S1    S2
Power vs. time plot. Note S2 split that does not change with time.

Power vs. time plot. Note S2 split that does not change with time.

                         S1               murmur            S2-split
Power vs. time plot. Single beat. Note S2 split.


Systolic murmur is immediately visible on the Phonocardiogram,
S2 split is clearly visible on the Energy Signature spctrogram
and Power vs Time plot. Murmur is medium in intensity, suspicion
of abnormality. Frequency spectrum is wide, also suspicion
of abnormality. Fixed S2 split -- ASD.

Heart Sound was taken from the Ears On Auscultation Program
and Database, www.corsonics.com (D.L. Roy, MD; B. Holt)


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