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Innocent Systolic Flow murmur (non-musical)


                         S1  S.Mur     S2              S3                    S1  Murmur   S2           
Two heart beats.

                                           S1       Murmur         S2
Single Heart Beat.

Frequency Spectrum (pitch) of the Flow Murmur.

This murmur is somewhat musical, with one strong and narrow (tone) peak.
However overall width is about 85 to 140 Hz.

Systolic Murmur has Intensity =31.39% (grade 2 is between 20% to 45%).
Murmur Duration is 70%.

It is early systolic murmur, grade 2. Its intensity score puts it into
innocent category, frequency half-bandwidth (24 Hz) is wider than
what is required for musical Still's. Frequency Score is 115 Hz also
typical for innocent murmurs. 


                                   S1  mur     S2  


                                                   S1  mur     S2
Instantaneous Power at murmur frequency (125 Hz) and instantaneous
frequency at the first murmur power peak. S2 show split - 2 peaks
corresponding to A2 and P2. 

                                                   S1    mur         S2-split
Integral power (across all frequencies).
S2 show split - 2 peaks corresponding to A2 and P2.

                      S1     Murmur           S2         diastole
Murmur Detail - Power Plot


Systolic Murmur is immediately visible on the Phonocardiogram
and Heart Energy Signature Spectrogram. It is low in intensity
and frequency spectrum is wider than that of Still's (vibratory) murmur.
No diastolic murmurs. This is innocent flow murmur, grade 2+.
S2 normal split was detected. Intermittent S3 was detected.

Heart Sound was taken from the Ears On Auscultation Program
and Database, www.corsonics.com (D.L. Roy, MD; B. Holt)


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