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Mitral Regurgitation (Severe to Moderate)

                         S1  Murmur   S2         S3         S1   Murmur      S2          S3
Two heart beats. Pansystolic murmur and S3.

   S3           S1     murmur       S2              S3 
Single heartbeat. Pansystolic murmur. S3 detected.

Systolic Murmur Frequency Spectrum. 80 to 230 Hz range.
Clearly abnormal range of frequency.

                                                         S1 mur      S2        S3
Energy Signature of One Heart Beat - Murmurs are weak, but visible.
S3 is visible. S1 is soft.


Systolic Murmur has Intensity =18.46%. This is low end of grade 2.
No abnormality here. Duration is 99% - clearly abnormal pan-systolic.
Frequency Score 160Hz -- abnormal, too high (normal around 110 HZ).
Bandwidth is very wide -- 2*65 Hz => abnormal.

                Diast.Murmur                  S1(Sp)   Sys.mur
Energy Signature of Diastolic and Systolic Periods around S1

Diastolic Murmur Visible frequency track = 50 to 240 Hz

Instantaneous Murmur Frequency and Power plot at this frequency.
Clearly pansystolic. S1 split. Frequency range 100 to 240Hz.

Heart Sound was taken from the Ears On Auscultation Program
and Database, www.corsonics.com (D.L. Roy, MD; B. Holt)


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