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Mitral Regurgitation (Mild) Case Study: 1

                         S1  S.Mur   S2     dias.mur            S1                S2         
Two heartbeats.

                          S1    pansys.murm S2        diastole 

Single Heart beat. Pansystolic murmur.

Systolic Murmur Frequency Spectrum- very wide 60 to 230 Hz.
Clearly abnormal. Pansystolic -abnormal.

Diastolic Murmur Frequency Spectrum. 70 to 180 Hz spectrum.
Any diastolic murmur is abnormal.

Murmur intensity is low - shows no abnormality. But frequency is high
(146 Hz) and bandwidth is high =2*63 Hz. Duration is 97%.
Clearly abnormal on 3 accounts out of 4.

                                                    S1                   S2
Energy Signature of One Heart Beat - Murmurs are weak and almost
invisible on the energy signature.
S1 is very weak (soft).

                                   S1                   S2
Energy Signature - Power vs. Time plot. S1 is soft.

                                                  S1                   S2
Murmur instantaneous frequency -120 to 220 Hz range.


Grade 1 pansystolic murmur. Clearly abnormal. Weak diastolic murmur as well.
S1 is soft.

Heart Sound was taken from the Ears On Auscultation Program
and Database, www.corsonics.com (D.L. Roy, MD; B. Holt)


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