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Three Examples

Normal Heart: Case 1 (Meditron Stethoscope)

Intensity variation with respiration typical for the normal heart.
S1 and S2 are clearly seen.

Two heart beats. S1        S2     diastole           S1  sys  S2

S1 to S2 time duration  (systole) is always shorter than diastole (S2 to S1
duration)  at normal heart rate.

                                   S1            systole  S2     diastole
Single heart beat.

Energy Signature.                 S1             S2  

                        S1                            S2

Power Plot.                                         S1                   S2

Power variation with respiration (7 heart beats are shown).

Normal Heart with EKG: Case 2 (girl, Meditron Analyzer)

                         S1                  S2                        S1                 S2
Two heartbeats.            

EKG tracing is superimposed. Note correspondence between
the S2 and end of T wave and S1 and QR.

S2 spectrum shows two components (A2 and P2).
A2 higher in frequency, P2 is lower.

Energy Signature.                   S1                 S2
Wide frequency A2.

               S1                 S2                     S1 

                     S1                                   S2

Normal Heart: Case 3 (65 years old patient, Escope Cardionics)

                               S1               S2        diastole                              S1                    S2         

                                S1    murm         S2                               
Single heart beat.

Very weak (almost zero grade) murmur. Normal because it is so weak.

                                            S1                   S2

S1 is split.

split S1 and S2 - healthy patient, 60 years old

Heart Sounds were recorded on healthy patients using Meditron stethoscope
and Cardionics stethoscope.

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