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Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD, modest):

                         S1    S.Mur     S2       diastole        S1      murm  S2         
Two heart beats.

Single heart beat. This is very high in intensity murmur -abnormal.

Murmur Frequency. 115- to 225 Hz -- abnormal.


Intensity 327%, grade 5 murmur -clearly abnormal (Christmas tree
type). Duration is 90% - occupies almost entire systole --abnormal.

Energy Signature visually clearly abnormal.

                                    S1  mur   S2
Power is clearly abnormal.

Instantaneous murmur frequency shows 110Hz to 210Hz range -

Conclusion: because of pansystolic duration and high amplitude,
VSD is much more likely than aortic stenosis or sub-aortic

Heart Sound was taken from the Ears On Auscultation Program
and Database, www.corsonics.com (D.L. Roy, MD; B. Holt)


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