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Display, Record, Play, Grade and Analyze Heart Sounds

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Clinical Heart Sounds for Auscultation Training (28 heart sounds and murmurs+ cardiologist's narration
WAV and MP3 (in MP3 iPOD format or in WAV binary format to cut CD-ROM). 28 sound files for
cardiac lesions and 28 short audio narrations. $30 USD. 

Download new software flyer - eflyer1.pdf
Download new systolic murmur characterization system examples

Purchase Clinical Heart Sounds for Auscultation Training-$30 USD - 30 heart sounds

Download Heart Energy Signature Flyer: eflyer3.pdf  and visit Biosignetics Papers page.

New Article in Massachusetts High Tech www.masshightech.com  - Listen to the HeartBeat of Biosignetics Plan

"Movers and Shakers", Dec. 2004, New Hampshire Life Sciences Newsletter
featuring Biosignetics Corporation, recording hardware and processing

D.L. Roy, MD: Chapter -- Cardiovascular Assessment of Infants and Children

Library of Articles deveoted to Heart Auscultation - library.htm

Collection of articles devoted to processing heart sounds using advanced computational methods-
compiled by Laura Malave

Useful Resources on Auscultation of the Heart:

Who Owns Images of the Heart?  Alfred A. Bove, M.D., Ph.D, F.A.C.C. , Cardiosource

How Heart Works - from Children's Heart Institute.org

Auscultation of the Heart http://www.rjmatthewsmd.com

Echocardiography or auscultation? Clarence Shub, MD

Auscultation of the Heart - Hospital Physician, Sept. 2002

Cardiac Auscultation A Glorious Past—But Does It Have a Future? ,
Circulation, 1996

The Teaching and Practice of Cardiac Auscultation during Internal Medicine and
Cardiology Training. A Nationwide Survey
Salvatore Mangione, MD; Linda Z. Nieman, PhD; Edward Gracely, PhD; and Donald Kaye, MD
Annals of
Internal Medicine

PDF links: article1;  article2

The teaching of chest auscultation during primary care training : has anything
changed in the 1990s?

Chest,  Oct, 2003  by Salvatore Mangione,  F. Daniel Duffy

B Favrat, A Pécoud, and A Jaussi, BMC Medical Education

Congenital Heart Diseases - Texas Heart Institute
( Atrial septal defect (ASD)  Ventricular septal defect (VSD)  Atrioventricular canal defect 
Patent ductus arteriosus Aortic Stenosis Pulmonary Stenosis  Ebstein's anomaly  Coarctation of the aorta  Tetralogy of Fallot Transposition of the great arteries  Persistent truncus arteriosus  Tricuspid atresia  Pulmonary atresia Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome )

Heart Sounds Databases:

We realize that our Educational Users, Physicians and Medical Students will be very interested to examine and to have access to  a varieties of existing heart sound data sources. Company scientists spent considerable time collecting and researching free and publicly available sources of heart sounds to benefit your analysis and learning process. Happy Auscultation!

Stethoscope Merchant

Source of 40 free wave files with the heart sounds and murmurs

McGill University Virtual Stethoscope

Online stethoscope simulator, location based heart sounds

Blaufuss Online Tutorial
Heart Sounds Online Tutorial
CARD Database Johns Hopkins University
Cardiac Auscultatory Recording Database,
Helen B. Taussig Children's Heart Center
Evansville Heart Center
Heart Sounds
Auscultation Assistant
The Auscultation Assistant provides heart sounds, heart murmurs,
and breath sounds in order to help medical students and others
improve their physical diagnosis skills. Since its creation in 1997,
it has logged over 175,000 visits
R.A.L.E.Heart Sounds
Computer Aided Instruction of heart Sounds and Murmurs
Ears-On Database
Software Education Program and Sound database from Corsonics (Canada).
Interactive CD ROM that develops auscultation technique. Working from
an archive of 300 patient files, this quiz-based tutorial allows the user to test
him or herself.
Practical Chest Auscultation  
Practical Chest Auscultation presents 21 diverse case studies in a clinical
setting each with real images, authentic heart and lung sounds, a genuine
medical history and an auscultagram.
3M Stethoscopes -Heart and Lung Sounds
Here we have provided examples of normal and abnormal
heart and lung sounds. Listening to these recordings enables
you to refresh your knowledge and understanding of normal and
common pathological sounds and murmurs.
Heart Sounds and Murmurs
The Physiological Origins of Heart Sounds and Murmurs is a multimedia CD-ROM that integrates functional anatomy with cardiac auscultation to explain and elucidate clinical findings and observations. There are 135 tutorials, 200 actual heart sounds coordinated with graphic images, such as cineangiograms, echocardiograms, x-rays, arterial and venous pressure tracings.
Practical Chest Auscultation  
Practical Chest Auscultation presents 21 diverse case studies in a clinical
setting each with real images, authentic heart and lung sounds, a genuine
medical history and an auscultagram.
Heart Murmurs - Data Sources  
List with many sources of data on heart murmurs, sounds, etc.
Clinical Heart Sound Studies 
Several clinical studies with the heart sounds, case histories, echograms
from the Philips Medical website
Studies Cardiology Site - by Prof. Abdulla Abdulla, M.D.
Flash Media, Tutorial, Quiz
Yahoo Heart Murmurs Search 
Search results on Heart Murmurs on Yahoo.com
Everest Extereme Expedition -Digital Stethoscope 
Digital Stethoscope recording on the way to the Everest, 1999
PhisioNet - MIT 
Heart and Neurological, ECG signal databases
Pathological Heart Sounds (in Real Player format)

Auscultation Resources

Cardiac Auscultation Simulator

Auscultation of the Heart

Cardiac Auscultation - Dr. Shindler

Andries Auscultation - CD with 42 Heart Sounds and Book

ACC/AHA Guidelines for the Clinical Application of Echocardiography

Recommended books:

Heart Sounds Made Easy - Amazon.com

Auscultation Skills - Springhouse, Amazon.com

Understanding Pediatric Heart Sounds

Fundamentals of Heart and Lung Sounds

What does the Heart Sound Like?

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