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Heart Energy Signature Spectrogram for Cardiovascular Diagnosis
V. Kudriavtsev, PhD, V. Polyshchuk, PhD, D.L. Roy, MD,FRCP(C), FAHA
BMC Biomedical Engineering Online, 6:16, 2007 

Detection of the S3 Gallop in the Emergency Department using Heart Energy
Signature Method
V. Kudriavtsev, V. Polyshchuk, A. Don Michael, S. Collins, A. Storrow
(text)            (figures) , 2008

Maximizing interpretable heart sounds in the Emergency Department using
digital auscultation and computerized analysis

B. Donegan, Y. Bronshteyn, A. Storrow, C. Jenkins, K. Miller, V. Kudriavtsev, V. Polyshchuk

Maximizing Interpretable Heart Sounds in the Emergency Department Using
Digital Auscultation and Computerized Analysis
Y. Bronshteyn, A. Storrow, C. Zhou, J. Han, K. Miller, V. Polyshchuk, V. Kudriavtsev


Optimizing Computer Analyzed Heart Tones
A. Storrow, C. Zhou, K. Miller, J. Mayor, J. Harrow, J Han, P. Harris, B. Hearvin,
V. Polyshchuk, V. Kudriavtsev
SAEM Poster

Storrow AB, Miller KF, Zhou C, Mayor J, Harrow J, Han JH, Harris PA, Polyshchuk V, Kudriavtsev V.
Improving the stethoscope: optimizing computerized analysis of heart tones in emergency department
patients with possible heart failure
. J Cardiac Fail 2007; 13:S95.
Heart Failure Society America Annual Meeting, 2007

Heart Energy Signature (HES) Studies in the Detection of Innocent Heart Sounds
and Murmurs in Children. V. Kudriavtsev, D.L. Roy, MD, V. Polyshchuk
(submitted to BMC Medicine)

New Tool to Identify Still's Murmurs, Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting,
April 29-May 2, 2006, San Francisco. Abstract and Presentation Poster
V. Kudriavtsev, PhD, D. Kaelber, MD, PhD, M. Lazbin, MD, V. Polyshchuk, PhD, D. Roy, MD

Detection of S3 Heart Sound in the Emergency Department Using Heart Energy
Signature Method  
V. Kudriavtsev, V. Polyshchuk, A. Don Michael, MD, S. Collins, MD, A. Storrow, MD
TR-2006-02, Feb 2007, submitted to Annals of Biomedical Engineering

Heart Energy Signature Studies of Pediatric Heart Murmurs Utilizing Ears On Dataset
of Pre-Recorded Heart Sounds (Extended Set of Figures)

V. Kudriavtsev, D.L. Roy,MD, V. Polyshchuk
TR-2005-08, pp. 1-15

Cardiovascular Sound Signature: Method, Process and Format(html), Patent Application,
USPTO 2005222515, Oct 6, 2005. V. Polyshchuk, V. Kudriavtsev 
(PDF USPTO formatted document)

Hemodynamic Pressure Instabilities and Their Relation to Heart Auscultation
V. Kudriavtsev, V. Polyshchuk, O. Saynina
5th International Symposium on Computational Technologies for Fluid/
Thermal/Chemical/Stressed Systems with Industrial Applications,
July 25-29, 2004, San Diego/La Jolla, USA

....other papers from various authors on heart sound and murmur analysis

D.L. Roy, MD: Chapter -- Cardiovascular Assessment of Infants and Children (0.163 Mb)

Curr Heart Fail Rep. 2007 Sep ;4 (3):164-8 17883993
Dyspnea is a common presenting complaint in the emergency department (ED).
Rapid identification of heart failure as the etiology leads to early implementation of
targeted therapies. Although having only intermediate sensitivity, the S3 is a highly
specific finding among older adults with heart failure. Identification of an S3 by routine
auscultation can be problematic given the chaotic and noisy ED environment, patient c
omorbid conditions, and intolerance of ideal positioning for auscultation. Technologies
using computerized analysis of digitally recorded heart tones have recently been developed
to aid the clinician with bedside detection of abnormal heart sounds. Data using these
technologies and their applications in the ED are reviewed as well as implications for
future use and research.

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