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Download new systolic murmur characterization system examples (1.04 Mb)

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           Main Display showing ASD murmur                   Frequency Display showing ASD murmur

Phonocardiograph Monitor V3.7 educational and non-clinical research release is intended for use by the medical students and residents, in teaching laboratories to aid in auscultation training. It is non-invasive system intended for visualization, storage and printing of the heart sound data.

Heart sounds can be collected using the electronic stethoscope or extracted from a multiplicity of available heart sounds
databases. Phonocardiograph can read these data files, represent them in easy to visualize XY-plot format (called phonocardiogram) and can also obtain frequency/pitch characteristics of an entire sound or of a given sound component.

New patent pending "Traffic Light" system (V3.7) now allows to score (quantify) and characterize systolic heart murmurs and to highlight them as red (abnormal), yellow (warning) or green (normal). System displays murmur quality (coarse, medium, rough, harsh, blowing), Murmur Grade (I-IV), Murmur Timing (early, mid, late) and also quantitative scores showing murmur duration, delay, frequency and intensity.

Data can be represented in real time or in data format, sound data can be re-processed and stored in sound (wave) text and excel format for the further use in the class or in non-clinical research. Software is intended to be utilized in post-processing mode. Users can add notes to audio files. Current release includes real time recording and custom audio replay capabilities. Future releases will include PDA support.

This is an effective and convenient system to learn to diagnose heart sounds,
to learn everything about heart sounds and to develop teaching aids for
auscultation training. Student Discount is available and Teaching (class)
discount is also available.

Software tested with following electronic stethoscopes: Welch-Allyn Elite (Meditron), ThinkMedLabs ds32a, Andromed (Philips), Littmann 3M E4000, Cardionics E-scope and sounds can be recorded using laptop, desktop, MP3 player (iRiver, etc) or iPod nano.

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Version 3.7 Release:
Single license, 1 installation
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DescriptionSKU #Price
Version 3.7 Release: Student Educational Discount
Single license, 1 installation

Software license is limited to one installation. For additional installations
please contact customer support at info@bsignetics.com

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Class Educational/Academic Licenses:

DescriptionSKU #Price
Version 3.7 Release: Class license, up to 10 installationssku-2$750
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DescriptionSKU #Price
Version 3.7 Release: site license, up to 25 installationssku-3$1500
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Software Maintenance and Support Costs:
Free for the first year.
sku-1 - $50; sku-2 - $500; sku-3 -$1000 per year, includes free software
upgrades and email and phone software support. 

We accept payment with Checks, Money Orders and Purchase Orders
payable to  Biosignetics Corporation

29 Downing Ct, Exeter, NH 03833

Phones: 603-858-3844, 603-303-0708
Fax: 603 772-8706

Key Benefits -  [ Complete List of Features ]

  • Now reads MP3 files
  • rovides new system of the Heart Murmur and S3/S4 Scores and
    "Traffic Light" characterization system - for intensity,
    frequency and timing that was developed and pioneered by Biosignetics
  • can record heart sounds in real time through the computer sound card
    or external sound card (tested with external USB sound cards, laptop
    PCMCI sound cards, desktop internal sound cards)
  • can play heart sounds and their segments via computer audio system
    and can save heart sounds in wave format for subsequent replay elsewhere
  • can slow down heart sound by a factor of 2
  • allows to incorporate notes and auscultation position location
    into heart sound audio record
  • represent heart sound in an understandable plot format that
    allows to clearly differentiate S1,S2,S3, S4 and murmurs
  • provides time-averaged spectral frequency/pitch characteristics of the heart sound
  • performs noise removal using sophisticated wavelet method
  • estimates signal noise "apriori" during the recording
  • performs signal downsampling using wavelet method
  • amplifies weak heart sounds with unlimited digital amplification
  • can selectively amplify various segments of heart sound
  • has build-in bell and diaphragm filter and filter customization
  • reads wave data formats, text data formats,saves data in text data format,
    reads .eri and Littmann E4000 data formats
    that can be subsequently processed using MS Excel
  • has variety of convenience features for heart sound processing
  • powerful educational tool combining audio perception with
    precise quantitative measures
  • provided with a database of normal and abnormal heart sounds
    and with a set of tutorials
  • graphical representation can be printed or stored electronically
    in MS Excel format
  • automatic reporting feature working with MS Word 2000, 2003
  • considerably improves practical usefulness of the electronic stethoscope

Computer Hardware Requirements:

Pentium III 600 Mhz or higher or AMD 600 Mhz or higher, 128 Mb of RAM (512 MB preferred), Internal or external sound card, Windows XP Home or Professional  or Windows 2000 Professional. For the report feature MS Word 2000, 2002, 2003.

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