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Energy Signature


Digital or Computer-Aided Heart Auscultation Products
Display, Record, Play, Grade and Analyze Heart Sounds

Real Clinical Downloadable Heart Sounds and Murmurs for Auscultation Training designed for iPOD, MP3, CD-Player, Computer
(New Product -released July 2007)

Follow this hyperlink for additional information and to Purchase Online  Clinical Heart Sounds for Auscultation Training

28 sounds+ cardiologist's narration - $30 USD online purchase (credit card) in MP3 iPOD format or in WAV binary format to cut CD-ROM. Sounds are recorded at all auscultation positions of relevance (apex/mitral;
tricuspid/LSB 4th space; aortic/RSB 2nd space;  pulmonary/LSB 2nd space) and include: normal sounds (S1 and S2), aortic ejection click, mitral regurgitation, mitral stenosis, mitral valve prolapse (single and multiple clicks), S3 and gallop rhythm, innocent vibratory systolic murmur, complete A_V block, congestive heart failure, aortic regurgitation, atrial septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary valve stenosis, innocent systolic flow murmur, venous hum, bicuspid aortic valve, aortic stenosis, ventricular septal defect (large and small). All sounds are REAL, recorded and selected by a cardiologist (Douglas L. Roy, MD, FAHA, Professor of Pediatrics) in a controlled environment, used previously in college level heart auscultation training (Ears On System). Dr. Roy developed also set of audio narrations for each recorded sound. Narrations are recorded separately from sounds, so students can utilize them with sounds or just listen to the sound tracks.
Available in MP3  (iPOD) or WAVE (CD, Windows computer) format. One can find many heart sounds on the internet -- but most of them are of bad quality, also not real (were simulated by computer without preserving essential features of real patients) and can not be traced to any specific physician/cardiologist.

Phonocardiograph Monitor Software  -
New Version 3.7 (Nov. 2009) - Now Reading MP3 Files!
Download new Phonocardiograph software flyer  - eflyer1.pdf

Download murmur characterization system examples:
Atrial SeptalDefect, Pulmonary Stenosis, Aortic Stenosis, Ventricular Septal Defect,
Innocent Still's Murmur, Mitral Valve Prolapse and others
(1.04 Mb)

Download Heart Energy Signature Flyer: eflyer3.pdf  (1.7Mb) and visit Updated Biosignetics Papers page.

System features:

-"Traffic Light" System of Systolic Murmur Characterization and Scores  
 (both BSignal 3.7 and Phonocardiograph 3.7)
- New system of Heart Energy Signature data extraction and quantitative characterization (Bsignal 3.7)

Questions??? Please contact .

Our Software Product are bases on the flagman BSignal software application that is capable to read sound, vibration or any other dynamic time-varying data files (such as EEC, brainwaves, biosignals, acoustic signals, etc.) and process them to estimate characteristic energy signature jointly in time and frequency space. Our developed technology allows ultra-fast and memory effective computation, provides convenient post-processing options and graphical-user interface.

Phonocardiograph Monitor is a basic platform designed for general practitioners, pediatricians and medical students. It allows to display heart sounds, to record them in real time and to listen to them using computer acoustic system or headphones.  It allows to present heart sound statistics, murmur grades,  intensity and pitch. It is arguably the best ever system to learn heart auscultation and heart sounds as well -- for the first time in history it allows to combine both audible and visual quantitative characteristics of the sound, eliminate unwanted elements, selectively amplify components of interest and finally play it loud in a large auditorium. Its real time recorder display helps to learn to handle the stethoscope and to detect problems instantly as they arrive at the bedside.
As a curtsey to our customers we provide a comprehensive compilation of clinical heart sounds. Follow this hyperlink to Purchase Online Clinical Heart Sounds for Auscultation Training . Heart Energy Signature Visualization system represents the most comprehensive way of analyzing heart sound's mechanical energy. It allows instant visual detection of abnormalities and detailed characterization of power and pitch variation for each sound component and murmur. It includes Phonocardiograph Monitor as a subset.

Specialized system for Machine Health Monitoring, Noise, Vibration, Harshness Analysis (BSignal - NVH) is also available for the engineering market.

Please contact us at for detailed software presentation
and also use links below for the list of features.

To Purchase Online Biosignetics Software Products please use Links Below. Direct payments with the credit card or via PayPal/Google Checkout/eBay are accepted. Company will also accept direct payments with personal checks. Software is available for electronic download from our secure ftp site.
        Phonocardiograph Monitor
Educational and Non-Clinical Research - Version 3.7 Release, Nov. 1st, 2009
Price: 150 USD ($89 Student Educational price)
       Click on the above link for additional information and to purchase.
Veterinarian Phonocardiograph
Veterinarian - Version 3.6 Release, March 30, 2007
Price: 150 USD ($89 Student)
       Heart Energy Signature Visualization System
Educational and Non-Clinical Research - Version V3.7 Release, Nov 1st, 2009
Price (perpetual): $15,000 ($10,000 for research collaboration partners)
Annual license: $6,000; Academic Discount: 50%.
Click on the above link for additional information. To purchase contact
Biosignetics at
        BSIGNAL Dynamic and Machine Health Monitoring
Advanced Engineering, Noise Vibration and Harshness NVH
and Aerospace Applications
Price: $15,000.
Annual license: $6,000; Annual Academic License: $3,000
To purchase contact Biosignetics at


             Publicly Available (Commercial and Free) Sources of the Heart Sound Data

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