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Noise, Vibration and Harness Analysis and Machine
Diagnosis and Health Monitoring

Company Specialists can process and analyze sound-based data collected via
specialized microphones and industrial stethoscopes to detect mode change,
energy spikes, etc (see figures below). We specialize on developing corresponding
test equipment, data acquisition and collection systems. It happens very often
that  data can be incorrectly collected, averaged, post-processed or acquired
in the "wrong" locations. Subsequently that makes it very difficult to process
and to derive useful recommendations. Thus, one stop comprehensive approach
is always preferable.

Gear Fault Detection with Time-Frequency Based Parameter.
Polyshchuk V, Choy F, Braun, M. Int. Journal of Rotating Machinery, 2002


Data Collection, System Modeling and Real-Life
Analysis with Visual and
Automatic Failure Characterization

Downloadable pdf file with the research paper "Gear Fault Detection with
Time Frequency Based parameter NP4", Int. Journal of Rotating Machinery, 2002

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